Terms of Use

Terms of Use:

Welcome to the website of B Communications Ltd. and of any corporation under its control, as defined in the Securities Law, 1968 (hereinafter: Bcom”).

The website provides information and services related to Bcom’s operations. Use of the website, including the content incorporated in the services operating within it, constitutes consent to these terms and to other terms that appear on the website, including the Privacy Policy as well as any additional instructions that may appear during the use of the website (hereinafter together: “The Terms of Use”). Please read the Terms of Use carefully.

Please note that the Terms of Use may change from time to time and it is your obligation to stay abreast of the changes.

Use of the Website Services (as defined below), or part thereof, will also be made possible through a dedicated Bcom application on the Facebook social network (hereinafter: “The App”), and the Terms of Use will also be fully applicable to any use of the App and wherever the word “Website” is stipulated in the Terms of Use, the meaning will be the App. For the elimination of doubt, it would be prudent to clarify that the use of the App is likely to be subject to the terms of the Facebook social network site, as such may be applicable from time to time, including the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and any other obligating agreement incorporated in this Website.

The Terms of Use apply to the use of the Website and the content contained therein by means of any computer or other communication device (such as a mobile phone, various PDAs, etc.). Furthermore, the Terms of Use apply to the use of the Website, whether through the Internet or whether through any other network or communication medium.

The Terms of Use are worded in the masculine gender for convenience purposes only and all stipulated in the masculine gender also applies to the feminine gender and vice versa, and all stated in the singular also applies to the plural and vice versa. The section headings in these Conditions of Use are for purposes of convenience only.

Services at the Website:

The website provides information and content related to Bcom’s activities and to its reports. However, it would be prudent to clarify that the information provided at the Website is solely general information and does not constitute a substitute for the examination by and consultation with professionals and does not constitute a substitute for the full perusal of the Company’s reports. The Company does not undertake to continuously update the Website in relation to its reports. Use of the Website does not involve any ownership whatsoever.

Website Usage:

Each user is encouraged to use the website, subject to consent to and acceptance of the Terms of Use.

You are permitted to use the content appearing on the website, in accordance with the rules detailed below:

  • The site may not be used except for non-commercial purposes. No other material may be copied and used, or others be permitted to use, in any other manner, the content contained in the website, including other websites, electronic publications, print publications, etc., for any other purpose.
  • No computer application or other means, including crawlers, robots, and the like, may be enabled or permitted to be enabled, for purposes of searching, scanning, copying, or automatic retrieval of content from the website. In addition, such means should not be created nor used to create a compilation, collection or repository containing content from the site.
  • Content from the website may not be displayed in any manner whatsoever, including by means of any software, device, accessory or communication protocol – which changes their design at the site or omits any content whatsoever, in particular advertisements and commercial content.
  • The website may not be linked to any site that contains pornographic content, content that promotes racism or unacceptable discrimination, or which is contrary to the law, or the publication thereof is in violation of the law or promotes activity that is in violation of the law.

Intellectual Property:

All copyright and intellectual property at the website, in the services offered at the website and all content contained therein, are solely those of Bcom. You are prohibited from copying, modifying, publishing, distributing, publicly displaying, publicly broadcasting, transmitting or making available to the general public, processing, creating or making derivative works, selling or renting any part of the above stated, whether by you personally or whether through a third party, by any means or way, whether electronic, computerized, mechanical, optical, photographic or recorded, or by any other means, without the prior, written consent of Bcom. The trademarks and advertisements of Bcom are the property of Bcom only. Such are not to be used without the prior, written content of Bcom.


The use of the Website is the sole and absolute responsibility of the website user.

Content on the website is usable AS IS – Content may not be tailored to the needs of any user and users will not have any allegation, claim or demand against Bcom for the nature of the content, their capabilities, their limitations and the adaptation thereof to their needs.

Bcom does not undertake that the Website services will not be interrupted, will be provided in a regular or non-stop manner, will be upheld securely and without errors and will be immune from unauthorized access to the Bcom computers or immune to any damage, break downs, malfunction or failure – and all with respect to hardware, software, communications lines and systems, at Bcom or at any of its suppliers.

Changes to the Website and Termination of Service:

Bcom is at liberty to change, from time to time, the structure of the Website, its appearance and the design thereof, the scope and availability of the services incorporated therein, and will be at liberty to change any other aspect of the website – all without having to notify you to this effect in advance.

Those accessing the website will have no allegations, claims or demands against Bcom for making such changes or with respect to malfunctions that may occur while making such changes or as a rule, any allegations in connection with the website content and the conformity thereof with the Company’s reporting.

Without derogating from the above stated, Bcom is at liberty, at any time, to discontinue the provision of the Services, in whole or in part.

Bcom is at liberty to change the terms of use or any of the obligating documents, from time to time. Should substantial changes be made to these terms of use or to the obligating documents, a notice will be posted at the website homepage.

Website links:

There may be links at the website to various websites on the Internet. It would be prudent to hereby clarify and emphasize that the fact that the website links to these websites does not indicate Bcom’s consent to the content of those websites and does not constitute a guarantee of their reliability, their being up to date, the legality thereof, the privacy procedures of such websites and any other aspect involved in the operation thereof. Bcom will not be held responsible for the content to which the links redirect and will not be held responsible for any consequences that result from the use thereof or reliance upon them.

Bcom does not warrant that the links on the site will be operational at all times and will direct the user to an active website. Bcom is at liberty to remove links, from the website, that were previously incorporated therein or refrain from adding new links, at Bcom’s absolute discretion.

Privacy Policy:

Bcom respects the privacy of users of the website and takes the necessary measures to maintain such.

When conducting transactions through the website, the user may be required to provide his / her details (such as for “Contact Us” inquiries). User information will be lawfully stored and securely protected.

Bcom will not submit the above stated user information to any third party, except in the following cases:

  • Where such is deemed necessary for the proper operation of the Website Services;
  • In the event of a breach of the Terms of Use of the website or the execution of transactions at the website which are deemed to be in contravention of the law or as an attempt to perform such actions;
  • In the case where there is an obligation to provide the details;

The attention of those accessing the website is drawn to the fact that Bcom takes all necessary measures to secure the information on the website. At the same time, it would be prudent to clarify that Bcom has the ways and means to absolutely prevent any possibility of unauthorized intrusion into the website’s computers.


The laws of the State of Israel alone will apply to the above stated conditions and obligating documents. The exclusive jurisdiction to decide any dispute involving these rules is vested in the competent courts of the Tel Aviv and Central Districts of the State of Israel.